Miley Cyrus

User Amanda shared this cross stitch pattern of Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda used the dithering option in the Advanced cross stitch pattern maker, which is what makes the speckled look. The dithering option is a great way to reducing the number of thread colors you need to use, since our eyes blend the speckles to figure out how the shadows and different color tones should look. For example, this pattern uses only 13 thread colors, but you can still recognize Miley fairly well.

However, if you have some details, such as the writing or design on the left side of the picture, then it can make those look blurry and less recognizable. It is an unfortunate tradeoff that I don't know how to resolve, other than to suggest splitting the picture into in two, making a separate cross stitch chart for each part, and then stitching them right next to each other on the cloth.

So in summary: If your photo has fine designs, dithering will probably make them unrecognizable. If your photo does not have fine designs, dithering will let you use fewer thread colors while keeping the pattern fairly recognizable.

Of course, using our free cross stitch pattern maker it's easy to try both ways and compare them, so that you can get a pattern that suits your project.

Cross Stitch Pattern Preview:

Download Pattern. The cross stitch chart is 150 stitches wide by 112 stitches high.
Pattern courtesy of Amanda