Bella and Edward
Another kind user submitted this pattern of Bella and Edward from the twilight movies. They described the pattern as:
I make this chart through a program, so maybe the quality is not high

Cross Stitch Pattern Preview:

Download Pattern. The cross stitch chart is 102 stitches wide by 119 stitches high.

The original (shrunk down) image looks pretty good:

so I'm not sure why the resulting pattern looks (to me) faded, and the colors look flat. Fortunately there is an easy solution which usually works when the pattern looks like that. When that happens, the try setting the "enhance image" option to "true" in the advanced form, since that usually makes the colors pop out more and gives the pattern a more vibrant look. For example, using the "enhance image" option when making this photo gives this pattern:

You can download this pattern here.

Granted, the patern isn't perfect (the hair still gets washed out), but overall I think it looks better.

Pattern courtesy of my work
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